From Pilates and beyond…

3Dancers, athletes and the general public have practised the Pilates Method for over 90 years. Developed by Joseph Pilates in 1923, it involves exercises designed to create a functional, strong and supple body.  The Pilates principles fully engage the mind, creating precise and controlled movements for an optimal and rewarding mind-body connection. The benefits of Pilates are wide-ranging and include improved postural alignment, muscle coordination, range of movement, injury rehabilitation, pre and post-pregnancy movement therapy, and mental focus and well-being.
Pilates at Ivana Daniell honours the legacy of Joseph Pilates in his commitment to preserving optimal health, and improving quality of life through an unwavering dedication to healthy movement. By integrating the Pilates method with Ivana unique posture and movement re education, our aim is to deliver the best professional and best London Pilates tuition available.
State-of-the-art facilities, tailor made individual Pilates programmes for a unique Pilates experience.