Ivana Daniell Postural and Movement Assessment

1A detailed posture analysis allows us to identify and correct those bad postural habits that we have developed over our lifetime.
Ivana ‘s unique approach to understanding the importance of correct posture, combined with her detailed movement analysis and movement patterns correction, have helped people all over the world to improve their health and their life style.






Over the years I have designed and refined a postural analysis and a posture correction programme that are suitable for everyone, from the desk-bound executive to the champion triathlete.  My assessment recognises that each person’s body is unique and each person’s choice of physical regime will be different.  The aim of my assessment is to ensure that informed and intelligent options are passed to you about how you can take care of your body, and how you can choose an appropriate exercise programme that will most benefit your body and improve your lifestyle.”


The 90-minute assessment is suitable for those:

⦁ Embarking on a new fitness regime
⦁ Currently pursuing a fitness regime
⦁ With a recurring muscle or joint pain, or with an injury
⦁ Who want to be educated about postural awareness
⦁ Searching for an alternative and more nurturing environment
⦁ Searching for a better quality of life through Intelligent Movement

My Postural Assessment is suitable for anyone who wants a professional and objective assessment of their body’s alignment, range of movement, and advice on how to get optimum results from an exercise regime.  Many of us have experienced some level of neck, shoulder or back pain, which may be attributed to postural problems.  My aim is to help people make the right choices, or if they are practicing any sport or exercise, identify areas of their exercise regime that can be improved, in a safe and healthy way.