Posture and Movement re education

Posture Alignment and Posture Correction London
Ivana Daniell is one of the London’s leading posture correction specialists.
Ivana specialises in posture analysis, posture correction, and posture alignment.
Incorrect postural habits are the cause of most of our aches and pains, and are huge contributors to poor health and lack of optimal fitness.
Ivana ‘s mission is to educate and guide people to make the right choices concerning their bodies and to improve their lifestyle with a customised programme.
Choosing and maintaining an appropriate exercise regime is the key to a healthy, pain free, and fully efficient body.
Today’s busy lifestyles and consequent lack of physical activity are the major contributing factors in causing the aches and pains that plague our society. Most of us spend much of our time in sedentary pursuits such as sitting in front of a computer or driving a car and for many; even our leisure time is spent in front of a screen.
Our bodies are designed to move and our lack of physical activity is giving rise to considerable health problems.
Maintaining our body in good Alignment and Movement is crucial to our well-being.