Pre & Post Natal exercise

4When explaining to women the postural changes that occur during pregnancy, it is my mission to inform them about the amazing changes and challenges that pregnancy and motherhood will bring to their bodies, to their posture and eventually to their appearance.
A mother needs to be strong, not only to face the challenge of giving birth, but also to face the challenges of motherhood. Like a first class athlete every woman needs to be prepared physically and mentally for the most challenging and rewarding project of her life.




Exercising During Pregnancy
I strongly advice pregnant women to exercise, but be aware and very careful when choosing an appropriate exercise programme.
Some of the common discomforts of pregnancy can be easily avoided by maintaining a proper postural alignment. An appropriate exercise programme can also play a significant role and easy your way to delivery. However the programme has to take into consideration that ligaments during pregnancy will be loosened from the effect of the relaxin hormone, and inappropriate exercises might put excessive strain on the joints.
Pre natal exercises are very effective and I do advice them strongly.
Ivana Daniell’s Method is very safe both for Pre and Post natal phases.

Postnatal Exercise
No exercise regime should be ever initiated without having done the necessary postnatal routines. I insist that the new Mothers take time at least two times a week for themselves, even though they are so taken with the new-born baby. The Postnatal phase is crucial for the well being of the Mother, and in consequence for the Baby. This is the time to concentrate on:
⦁ Restore your postural alignment that had been compromised during the 9 month of pregnancy
⦁ Strengthen the core muscles that have been weakened by both pregnancy and delivery.
⦁ Tighten the pelvic floor muscles that have been strained during the delivery.
⦁ Take care of the Diastasis, separation of the upper abdominal muscles.

It is essential for every woman after delivery to do special exercises to restore the correct position of these muscles. Most women complain after having had their baby that their tummy does not go back as flat as it was. This is because of the Diastasis, the muscles separation. This condition can be easily helped with appropriate exercises.

I advice to start your Post Natal exercise programme

1 month after your Natural delivery,
3 month after a C section.
Once you have followed my postnatal recommendations, strengthened your body and restored your postural alignment, only at this point, and not before, you will be ready to go back to your favourite sport or exercise routines.