Ivana Daniell, a graduate of the prestigious Laban Centre, London, UK, is the creator of the innovative LIM method.
Ivana is the ultimate body and posture expert with more than twenty years of experience in Intelligent Movement Methods, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Core Align and Posture/ Movement re-education.
Her career as a dancer ended when she suffered a chronic injury, which led to debilitating back pain. Ivana began a voyage of discovery, trying a variety of exercise and physical therapy approaches, to find a solution to her pain. When none existed, she founded her own method based on years of training and experience. Ivana is a pioneer in this revolutionary approach to exercise; profoundly changing many people’s lives in a holistic approach that encompasses a person’s lifestyle, physical and mental arenas.
Ivana ‘s personal attention to the philosophy of intelligent movement attracts her clientele from all over the world, from royalty to film and music personalities, athletes, and professionals, providing them with ongoing personal success.
In addition to managing her practice at 61 Wimpole Street, Ivana acts as a consultant to the ultra exclusive and prestigious Aman Resorts hotel group, using her expertise and wealth of knowledge to establish Amanpilates studios in resorts throughout the world.
Ivana is also part of the exclusive “Alignment & movement retreat” the very first retreat concept launched by the ultra-exclusive chain Aman Resorts. She offers this retreat twice a year at Amanzoe in Greece as well as Amanpulo in the Philippines.
The retreat consists of Ivana Daniell providing her expertise in movement therapy and an integrative fitness approach.
Aman Resorts
Ivana Daniell owned and directed the very first Pilates and rehabilitation center in Singapore at the highly respected private hospital “Camden Medical Centre” for more than ten years. She is an International authority and visionary on functional exercise and posture, working in collaboration with renowned doctors and clinics in Singapore and London.
Since 1998, she has appeared extensively in television programmes throughout Asia and has been published in newspapers and magazines in Asia and Europe (amongst others, The Times, Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, You Magazine, HELLO Magazine, Vantage Magazine and The Tatler Beauty Guide 2014).