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Proud to tell my age…

My name is Ivana, I am in my 60s and proud to tell my age.

It has not been easy to reveal my age to the world, but today I do it with great pride.

Although I have already passed the so-called “middle age”, today in my 60s, I feel at the pinnacle of my life. I look and feel healthier, stronger, younger, and more confident than I ever felt before. For me, life has begun a new and exciting phase at 50!

You may ask now, what have I done so differently to obtain such great results first with myself and then with so many people that I have treated.


Here is my answer:

I have taken a very different perspective when thinking about physical exercise.

I strongly believe that the old adage, when applied to physical exercise, NO PAIN NO GAIN does no longer apply to today’s people lifestyle.

The old approach of breaking your body to be fit is simply a myth, we are moving towards a different Body consciousness, a new era where people will search for new and different body awareness.

Most of the people go to the gym or decide to go running without any movement, postural preparation, education and awareness. They do not have the correct information about what kind of exercise would be most suited to their personal needs. Often the choice is more dictated by the Body appearance rather than the Body efficiency. 

My approach is the opposite; my followers and I go with the motto ‘NO PAIN YES GAIN’.
I apply a very intelligent approach that respects the natural movements of the body.


A Sustainable Body

It all starts from being aware of this beautiful vehicle we have been given to ride during the journey of our life, to understand it and use it correctly, just how would you do with a beautiful car.

If the physical body is in good postural alignment, it will move efficiently, allowing you to perform freely your daily tasks and enjoy your favourites activities and sports.

This natural muscle connection will result in a very harmonious shape of your body as a bonus.

About Ivana Daniell

Ivana Daniell, a graduate of the renowned Laban Centre in London is the founder and director of Ivana Daniell Body ID and creator of the innovative Ivana Daniell Method.

Ivana’s Method is based on many years of professional experience in dance, Intelligent Movement, Movement Therapy, and observations of the human body.

Dealing with a bad back injury in the past become Ivana’s main motivator to make people feel better. She has worked for the past 30 years with amazing people from all over the world, and her clients have become her true inspiration.

Italian born, Ivana is an international authority and visionary on functional exercise and posture, working in collaboration with renowned doctors and clinics in London and in Singapore, such as The Private Clinic, The Marion Gluck Clinic, Camden Medical Center Singapore.

Ivana has pioneered a revolutionary approach to exercise; profoundly changing people’s lives by applying a holistic approach that encompasses a person’s lifestyle, physical and mindful well-being.

Drawing on the worldwide experience of developing her method in Asia, America and Europe, Ivana introduced the Pilates Method and other intelligent movement methods in 1998 to Singapore and South-East Asia. In 2000 Ivana opened the first Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre in the prestigious hospital Camden Medical Centre in Singapore.

For over 10 years Ivana has been a consultant to the exclusive Aman Resorts hotel group, using her expertise and knowledge to establish Amanpilates studios in the Aman Resorts throughout the world.

In 2011, Ivana moved her base of operations to London where she now runs her Posture and Exercise Rehabilitation clinics in the renowned Harley Street medical hub.

Ivana’s commitment to the philosophy of intelligent movement attracts clients from all over the world, from royalty to film and music personalities, athletes, and professionals, providing them with ongoing personal success.


Since 1998, Ivana has appeared extensively in television programs throughout Asia and published in newspapers and magazines in Asia and Europe (amongst others, The Times, Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, You Magazine, HELLO Magazine and 2014 Tatler Guide, and the latest in Asia SPA and SPA China).