Ivana Daniell Body ID | Testimonials
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“Ivana is a unique and vibrant lady that enthuses, inspires and delivers the beautiful body that is your birthright. Ivana is golden.”


–  Sarah, Duchess of York


“Ivana Daniell is the most talented and gifted body therapist I have ever encountered. She is a pioneer in movement therapy. Her ‘Life in Movement’ program with her unique postural assessment and bespoke exercise plan is exceptional. It is exclusive to Ivana, it is her intellectual property which she has acquired through continuous education and training in the last 25 years. Ivana will train with you and transform your body into a healthy and beautiful shape. I am now thrilled that she has set up her own studio in my practise so many of my patients can benefit from her gift and hard work.”


–  Dr Marion Gluck, The Marion Gluck Clinic


“I was first introduced to Ivana Daniell by a very special VIP patient of mine whom I have treated over many years. Since that day, I have worked closely with Ivana Daniell who has taken time out of her busy schedule to shadow me, watching several of my patients being examined on the computerised gait analysis system which she finds helps identify the biomechanical cause of a variety of foot, leg and back problems. This system has allowed good inter-professional communication between me as the podiatrist analysing patient’s gait and postural problems and my suggested prescription of appropriate exercises to stretch and strengthen the musculo-skeletal where required. I always have found the joint consultations of great benefit to the patients and it means that all the practitioners involved are “singing from the same hymn sheet.  I have found Ivana Daniell to be extremely co-operative enthusiastic and dedicated to her work and she helps enormously by improving posture, using strength assisting Life in Movement Programs. I am extremely happy that Ivana now has a studio close to where I work, for I know that we can work as a team symbiotically offering the patients a totally holistic approach towards treating musculo-skeletal injuries for foot, leg and back problems.”

– Simon Costain, Podiatric Consultant


“I don’t think enough women know that it is possible to regain the control and strength of the pelvic floor, so instead suffer in silence. However, with excellent guidance from Ivana, I have mastered that new strength and control and can now enjoy exercising with confidence.”


– Louise, Current Client

“I have known Ivana for several years where we have combined in treating a particular patient. I am impressed by her knowledge, skill and professionalism embraced by her warm and enthusiastic personality.”


– Barrie C. Savory, D.O. Registered Osteopath


“I have consistently practised the Ivana Daniell Life in Movement methodology over several years which has resulted in my having a better posture and silhouette. I believe that Ivana’s knowledge and experience in the functionality and form of the human body is the added dimension which she brings to her clients and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her on a regular basis. I have much to thank Ivana as she is responsible for my increased body awareness which has resulted in a stronger and toned body”.


– Sabreena Andriesz, MSoc Sc, ACC


“Ivana Daniell is a body specialist extraordinaire.  Her deep understanding of the body and its needs as well as her expertise are second to none.  Her assessment and recommendations were spot on.  She is very experienced, encouraging and motivating.  It is an absolute pleasure working with her.  I highly recommend her.”


– Akcelina Cvijetic, Ultimate Wellbeing Specialist


“I met Ivana a few years ago when she had her practice at the prestigious Camden Medical Centre, Singapore. I was referred to her by a number of her very happy patients who had benefited over the years by Ivana’s professional help. At the time, my teenage son had suffered from a small boating accident and due to his foot injury; my son’s posture had been seriously compromised. Ivana did a very accurate Posture Analysis and designed for him a recovery exercise programme. I was extremely impressed by the accuracy of her Assessment, her professionalism and her knowledge. Since then my son has fully recovered. Over time, I have recommended my own patients to Ivana and I am pleased to know that many of them are happy to seek her help in London. At all times, the feedback I have received has been consistently the most positive. Ivana’s great professionalism, deep understanding of the mechanics of the human body and the passion for her work will be greatly missed in Singapore and the rest of South East Asia.”


– Manuela Malaguti-Boyle PhD c., ND, Integrative and Functional Medicine Practitioner.