Ivana Daniell Body ID | The Method
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The Method

My Method

I offer a unique approach to health and exercise.

I believe in customizing movement/exercise routines for each individual depending on their very personal needs.

OUR BODY is UNIQUE; it is different from anyone else

When creating a programme I take into considerations many different aspects such as:

  • The person’s lifestyle, including the work environment
  • The person’s movement personality,
  • The person’s body type,
  • The person’s posture
  • The person’s clinical history
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I also study and observe if any, the currents exercise regimes that the person is following and suggest the appropriate modifications.

I strongly believe that before you start your journey to transformation, it is necessary to understand your body and most importantly of all you need to reconnect with it.


YOUR BODY HAS A STORY; it is written in your movements in your muscles, in your posture, in every inch of your body, you simply need to learn how to read it. What you are today is the result of years of habits, of a chosen lifestyle, or sadly the result of an illness or an injury.

YOUR BODY IS INTELLIGENT, it adapts to different environments and different habits. Depending on our lifestyle it will deteriorate or it will heal and improve.

The simple truth is, YOUR BODY CAN CHANGE, at any time during your journey.

Though you may feel a bit rusty, or that you have lost the capacity to move your body efficiently, that muscles connection can be re-taught

Our muscles and bones are meant to be used and to be moved in unison.

In our modern society where life expectancy has increased, when the 50s are the new 30s, when the pressure to achieve a more youthful appearance is even more prevalent, why can’t we enjoy the extended pleasure of a strong, fit and healthy body at any age?

Body Types

Beauty in nature comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colours and so it is for the Human Body.

Throughout history, the concept of beauty has changed and adapted. Artists, trendsetters, and fashion designers have decreed different canons of beauty.

We should not be dictated to by the aesthetic rules of today’s stereotype. We can’t possibly be the picture perfect figure in the glossy magazines that have been artistically retouched in Photoshop or with a sweep of an airbrush.

We should instead celebrate this diversity, the beauty, and uniqueness of our bodies and make the best of what Mother Nature has given us.

The gift of Different BODY SHAPES!

We need to acknowledge these differences, accept them, and understand and learn how to make the best of our genetic features.



How do you choose the right exercise regime for your unique body?

Think of the exercise programme just like a diet suited to your personal needs.

The right food for your muscles

We use all the information available to us in order to personalize a diet to our specific needs.

So why don’t we apply the same principle to a physical regime?

Why don’t we recognise that each person and each body type needs a different exercise regime and a different approach?

The slim body type

It is relatively linear in shape, with narrow hips and pelvis, and long arms and legs. The muscles and bone outlines are usually visible, and normally have less fat and muscle mass than people with other body types. They are the lucky ones who don’t put on weight easily.

Their primary concern is their frail stature consisting of small bones and joints that have a tendency to be injured easily during sports activities. These body types are not naturally strong and if they want to improve their muscle definition they will have to work intelligently and with the appropriate effort in order to avoid injuries.

The athletic type

The Athletic type has well-defined muscles and large bones. Arms and legs are developed and have good muscle definition.

Their strong build can well take challenging physical activities that is why they can become excellent athletes.

They gain muscle mass very easily. That is why they need a moderate amount of high impact exercise in order to avoid excess bulk. Especially women belonging to this Body Type have to be very careful if they do not want to gain too much bulk and lose a more feminine body shape.

The voluptuous type

This body type has a very strong constitution, steady energy, and has the potential for very good physical endurance.

It can gain weight easily and can also gain muscle bulk.

When putting on weight, this Body Type will accumulate body fat equally in all body, upper, middle and lower.

They are the Body type most suited for all exercises as long as they maintain a more limber and lighter body.